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Parents play an essential role in a child's reading development. Reading to a young child builds language skills, nurtures imagination, and provides essential quiet time for parent and child. When you read together, you are investing in your child’s sense of self-worth and ability to relate to life and the world around them.

Opportunities to learn, grow, and be inspired abound – especially at your library.


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Book-Buzz for Young Readers

Book Buzz for Young Readers

Flush by Carl HiaasenReviewed by Elena:

Juvenile Fiction

by Carl Hiaasen

Noah and Abbey’s dad is in jail for sinking a casino boat, and they’re determined to prove their dad’s theory right – that the Coral Queen is pumping raw sewage into the ocean. Can Noah, Abbey and his friend Shelly save Florida with Operation Royal Flush?

ElenaI adored this book because it isn’t just one type of book – it is a mystery and a realistic ecological book all at the same time.


Reviewed by
Elena Kochmaruk


Reviewed by Raisa:

Flush by Carl HiaasenJuvenile Fiction

by by Erin Hunter

As the exciting Warriors saga continues, Hollyleaf and her brothers are left to cope with the mystery of their parent’s identity and Ashfur’s death. The rogue Sol is the main suspect. Firestar sends Lionblaze and his sister on a patrol to capture Sol. Bringing him back to camp, the other three clans are in uproar, and the three are still pondering the mutinous prophecy. If Squirrelflight’s not their mother, they’re not still engaged in it, or are they?

ElenaI was disappointed with the ending of this story, but it leaves you with great promise for another interesting series to begin.


Reviewed by
Raisa Kochmaruk


Reviewed by Hannah:

Flush by Carl HiaasenThe Invisible Fran
by Jim Benton

The Invisible Fran is number 3 in the Franny K. Stein Mad Scientist series. Franny K. Stein is a little girl who likes to invent things. One day her teacher told her class to bring in something that explained their hobbies. Kids brought in things like: stamp collections, instruments, and dance shoes. Franny was surprised that no one brought in Mad Scientist stuff or wanted to be a Mad Scientist. So, Franny brought a robot into school. Then she became invisible and started to tell other children how to fix her robot. The kids started to like it so much that they snuck in at night and started working on the robot without her. Of course, not being true mad scientists, they ruined the robot. The robot went crazy! I will let you figure out yourself what happened next.

ElenaI liked the story because it was funny. Franny’s inventions are very silly. She has made a Spider Enlarger, a Disease Simulator and Eyeball Removing Machine.


Reviewed by
Hannah Trauger


Some books that our Youth Services staff like:

Juvenile Picture Books
Fiesta Fiasco
By Ann Whitford Paul

Fiesta FiascoConejo (Rabbit) has birthday shopping all figured out for his friend Culebra (Snake). The trouble is, he tells Culebra’s friends to buy things that he, Conejo, wants. Giving and getting, thinking of others, and easy-to-follow Spanish terms are woven into a story that will connect with birthday boys and girls everywhere.


The Hound from the Pound
By Jessica Swaim

The Hound from the PoundWith rhyme and romp and pawsitive puns, this picture book is just doggone fun! When a misbehaved basset hound adopted from the pound wreaks havoc and mayhem in kind-hearted Miss Mary’s cottage, she enlists the help of dog-trainer Sam to reaffirm her puppy-love.


Too Many Toys
By David Shannon

Too Many Toys by David ShannonSpencer has too many toys! Surely every parent can identify with at least one of these hilarious mishaps that go along with owning toys, no matter many or how few their own children have. And children will certainly understand how impossibly difficult it is to part with even one toy, since they all suddenly become so very special and important. A cute, fun, and all-too-true story!


I Know an Old Teacher
By Anne Bowen

I Know an Old Teacher by David ShannonIf you’re one of those people who is just slightly bothered that an “old lady who swallowed a fly might die”, try this cumulative story told from the students’ perspective as they follow and observe their teacher’s outlandish actions. A slightly new rhythm and colorfully whacky illustrations make this version fun and “digestible”!

(Juvenile Picture Books continued)

The Goblin and the Empty Chair
by Mem Fox

The Goblin and the Empty Chair

There is power, depth and beauty in this seemingly simply fairy tale that introduces us to a goblin, whose own face frightens him so much, that he covers it with a scarf and hides away in shame. After many lonely years the goblin makes a chance discovery which will change his life and the life of a grieving family forever! Mem Fox’s words are few, but perfectly chosen, as this story of kindness, compassion and the healing power of friendship unfolds in panels above the wonderful watercolor illustrations.


Waiting for Winter
By Sebastian Meschenmoser

Waiting for WinterWhen Deer informs Squirrel that winter snow “white and wet and cold and soft” is on its way, Squirrel can’t wait! Squirrel along with friends Hedgehog and Bear have never seen snow, so waiting is very hard. A trip through the woods reveals lots of objects that each friend thinks is the first snowflake. Laughter will surely result when children see what the animals find – imagine it snowing toothbrushes!


Louise, the Adventures of a Chicken
By Kate DiCamillo

Louise the Adventures of a ChickenMore than anything, Louise longs for true adventure away from the house. The henhouse that is, because Louise happens to be a not-so-chicken chicken. Fearless and bold she ventures out into the world - lost at sea, escaping the jaws of a hungry circus lion, imprisoned in an exotic land – but will she finally find contentment through her adventures? Or is contentment also found in the safety and friends from which she longs to leave?


Big KicksBig Kicks
By Bob Kolar

Big Kicks offers a big kick of fun storytelling and illustration, plus a nice message about being who you are and doing what you like. Biggie the bear (none of the animal character names are subtle) is recruited for the town soccer team simply because he’s big. That doesn’t work out, but his love of stamp-collecting saves the day.


Juvenile Fiction
The Underneath by Kathi AppeltThe Underneath

By Kathi Appeltt

In the dark life of a bayou,
a deep and magical story unfolds, revealing an unlikely cast of animal characters and one truly evil human one. A calico cat, her kittens, an abused hound dog, an alligator of mythic proportions, and age-old spirits of the piney woods are tightly wrapped up in a timeless tale of love and loss.


Juvenile Middle Reader Fiction
Every Soul a Star
Every Soul a Star by Wendy MassBy Wendy Mass

Ally, Bree and Jack journey into friendship, self-discovery and transformation at Moon Shadow Ranch, a beautiful remote campground where soon throngs of campers will converge to witness a total solar eclipse. The beauty and magic of place and sky draw these three very different teens together as they realize that there’s more to life than – well, life as they each know it.


Juvenile Non-Fiction
How We Know What We Know
About Our Changing Climate:
Scientists and Kids Explore Global Warming

By Lynne Cherry and Gary Braasch

About Our Changing ClimateUnderstanding global warming is critical to the planet's future. Kids, teens and adults alike will appreciate the underlying science, beauty and hope in this timely book by renowned children’s book author Lynne Cherry (remember The Great Kapok Tree?). With plenty of positive real-life stories of kids dealing with environmental issues, the book also provides resources for further info, inspiration and action.


Animals Christopher Columbus Saw
By Sandra Markle

Animals Christopher Columbus SawIn this engaging rendition of Christopher Columbus’s historic journey, young readers share his adventures first-hand as he travels the seas, exploring new worlds and meeting the people and animals that live there. Deftly written, this book makes reading history fun and easy. Plus the beautiful illustrations make it feel more like a picture book than a non-fiction piece.

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