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Parents play an essential role in a child's reading development. Reading to a young child builds language skills, nurtures imagination, and provides essential quiet time for parent and child. When you read together, you are investing in your child’s sense of self-worth and ability to relate to life and the world around them.

Opportunities to learn, grow, and be inspired abound – especially at your library.


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Book-Buzz for Young Readers

Book-Buzz for Young Readers

Juvenile Middle Reader Fiction

Say It Ain’t So
By Josh Berk

Say It Ain't So by Josh Berk Lenny Norbeck is a fast-talking, baseball-loving seventh-grader whose lack of baseball skill keeps him from being a member of his school’s team. His two best friends are Mike, a fellow baseball-fanatic and budding pitcher, and Other Mike, a fantasy-loving goofball and possible genius. In this second book starring Lenny and the Mikes, the boys are caught up in two mysteries: one involves a stolen cell phone, the other involves stolen pitcher’s signals. Investigating the mysteries challenges Lenny’s friendships to the limits, as he discovers both friends and enemies in unexpected places. Lenny narrates the story in a humorous, conversational style, while sprinkling in plenty of fascinating snippets about baseball history and traditions.

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Say It Ain’t So recommended by
Gina Vitale BAPL Summer Intern

The Winter Horses
By Philip Kerr

The Winter Horses by Philip Kerr On the Ukrainian steppe in 1941, two horses and a girl try to escape the Nazi soldiers who would kill them. Kalinka, a Jewish girl, has already lost her entire family to the genocide. Borte and Temujin, the horses, are members of a rare and ancient breed – the same kind painted on cave walls by our prehistoric ancestors. Thanks to a Nazi attempt to wipe them out, these two horses may be the last of their kind. With the help of Max, an elderly animal keeper, and Taras, a Russian wolfhound, Kalinka and the horses fight to survive. The Winter Horses will appeal to readers who like history, adventure, and stories about the bonds between humans and animals.

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The Winter Horses recommended by
Gina Vitale BAPL Summer Intern

The Battle for WondLa
By Tony DiTerlizzi

The Battle for WondLa by Tony DiTerlizzi In this third and final book in the WondLa trilogy (The Search for WondLa, A Hero for WondLa), Eva Nine tries to save the planet Orbona from destruction by war. In the process, she makes new discoveries in old places, and works with some whom she once considered enemies. Born in a sanctuary underground, raised by a robot, and able to communicate mind-to-mind with Orbona’s native creatures, Eva once feared she was the only human left. Now she must convince humans and aliens to cooperate for the sake of Orbona’s future. Like the other two books in the series, The Battle for WondLa emphasizes themes of identity, family, and understanding. Imaginative, captivating illustrations help readers visualize Eva’s adventures.

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The Battle for WondLa recommended by
Gina Vitale BAPL Summer Intern

Juvenile Non-Fiction

Searching for Sarah Rector:
The Richest Black Girl in America

By Tonya Bolden

Sarah Rector by Tonya BoldenBorn in 1902 in Indian Territory, a member of the Creek Indian nation, young Sarah Rector’s oil wealth made her the so-called “richest black girl in America.” Author Tonya Bolden tells Sarah’s story with careful research, easy-to-follow text, and a trove of primary sources including photos, newspaper articles, and court documents. This story of wealth, greed, crime, land grabs, race relations, and unexpected turnarounds is a fascinating look at some little-explored aspects of American history.

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Searching for Sarah Rector recommended by
Gina Vitale BAPL Summer Intern

Juvenile Fiction

Horse Raid: The Making of a Warrior
By Paul Goble with foreword by Joseph Bruchac

Horse Raid: The Making of a WarriorLone Bull, a 14 year old Oglala Sioux boy, wants to prove himself by going on his first horse raid but his father says no. Grandfather helps Lone Bull and his best friend sneak away to join the raiding party anyway. What follows is a journey filled with fear, courage, excitement, and honor. Drawing on historical and first-person accounts, and on his own extensive knowledge of Plains Indian cultures, Goble tells the story with words and with highly detailed, action-filled illustrations.

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Horse Raid: The Making of a Warrior recommended by Gina Vitale BAPL Summer Intern

Juvenile Picture Books

By Jorey Hurley

Nest by Jorey HurleyWith vibrant digital illustrations and one simple word on each spread, Nest explores the life of a robin. First-time author/illustrator Jorey Hurley based this book on her own experience watching a robin family with her children. Following the robins through all four seasons, from “nest” to “hatch” to “grow,” and back to “nest,” this would be a great book for beginning readers.

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Nest recommended by
Gina Vitale BAPL Summer Intern

By Scott Magoon

Breathe by Scott MagoonIn Breathe, a young beluga whale plays, explores, and learns how to be a whale. A full day of swimming, singing, and making friends is rhythmically punctuated by trips to the surface to breathe. Simple text and joyful illustrations lovingly capture the movement, life, and variety of the little whale’s Arctic Ocean world.

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Breathe recommended by
Gina Vitale BAPL Summer Intern

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