Jacksonville Rd is closed near Schoenersville Rd because of construction. The whole project will take 6-8 weeks, but we’re unsure how far up Jacksonville Rd will be closed and if it is for the whole time or not. This will affect the Hanover Township stops depending on which way you are coming from. If you are traveling to the Stonewood & Belaire stop, and need an alternative way to get to it, you can go out Macada to Whitewood Rd (going toward Schoenesville) turn left, drive to Stonewood, turn left and drive down to Belaire, which is a couple of blocks. The bookmobile is still at the corner of Stonewood & Belaire.

If you are going to Hanover Township Community Center, Monocacy, or Chesterfield stops, you can come up Center St (Rt512) to Stoke Park Rd.  You can also get on Stoke Park Rd from Schoenerville Rd. We will put info on traveling on Schoenersville Rd to the Westgate Mall stop on Thursday. You can get to Stoke Park Rd from Schoenersville Rd, if the detours permit, and to the Hanover Township stop that way as well.

If you have any questions, please call the Information Dept. at 610-867-3761 x224.