northangerTo commemorate the 200th anniversary of her death, Lehigh University is having a number of events to celebrate the English novelist, Jane Austen, including an exhibit of 19th century first editions and a film series. Complimenting these events, Bethlehem Area Public Library  is hosting Lehigh faculty and graduate student-led Book Talks on each of Jane Austen’s novels on Tuesdays from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. The Book Talks are funded in part by Lawrence Henry Gipson Institute for 18th-Century Studies. The schedule for each Book Talk follows:


April 18                Northanger Abbey

May 16                 Sense and Sensibility

June 20                 Pride and Prejudice

July 18                   Mansfield Park

August 15            Emma

September 19   Persuasion                           More here