Going Down Under

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It isn’t often that we think of the infrastructure of a building we visit or work in, but as renovation of the Branch moves forward,  so do big changes below street level. A highway of new electrical conduit and wiring, that will eventually carry current from upgraded circuit boxes to every point in the building, is seen in this photograph.

Making Connections

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Carefully following the architect’s blueprints, our electricians custom fit electrical conduit and work to connect newly installed main boxes with the many lines going out to every part of the building.

One man’s ceiling…

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During the third week of our South Side Branch renovation process, a painter scrapes and carefully prepares the ceiling for painting while electricians measure, remeasure and mark the floor to receive electrical wiring and outlets. The tan T-shaped strip on the ceiling is where the old HVAC ductwork was located and removed, now revealing decades old paint.

The Architect’s Vision

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In the empty main floor of  Bethlehem Area Public Library’s South Side Branch, Architect Robert Furst outlines initial construction plans to BAPL’s Development Director & Public Relations Manager, Liza Holzinger. In an upcoming project update, we will post a short video with Mr. Furst detailing some of the work that will transform the historic 1930′s building into a comfortable, cutting-edge library center.

Out with the old

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From the top down…


Workers remove old lighting fixtures from the plaster ceiling of the South Side Branch. The beautiful original ceiling will be preserved, repaired and repainted. When the renovation is complete, new wiring, lower profile modern HVAC ductwork and energy efficient, attractive lighting will be installed in this architectural gem.

Moving materials into storage

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Our South Side Branch renovation – Phase 2 of our Room to Grow project – is now under way!

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