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Bethlehem Timeline — 1925 through 1949

1925  Daily Times merges with the Globe to form the Bethlehem Globe-Times

1929  Zone map of the City of Bethlehem compiled.

1930  South Side library completed. 1930 Census shows total population at 57,892. Robert Pfeifle becomes Bethlehem's 3rd Mayor.

1937  Bethlehem officially named the "Christmas City "; Community Christmas Celebration street lighting begins.

1939  Bethlehem Community Christmas Star constructed on South Mountain.

1941  Wild Creek Water Project completed. Bethlehem is two hundred years old. Steelworkers strike 4 violence marked days. Bombing of Pearl Harbor brings United States into World War II.

Excerpted in part from: Cressman, Austin M. Historical Bethlehem 1741-1950. c1941.

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