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First Annual Message of Archibald Johnston, 1918  [continued]

Consequently, the sovereign state entrusts the city with large powers to borrow money and to tax, not only as the state's financial agent, but in addition, in its own behalf; to exercise such financial powers to the end and purpose that the acts of the city with regard to public welfare shall actually enlarge the scope of individual opportunity.

To receive our thorough consideration, we must start with the foundation — beginning with the HOME, the CHILD and its PLAYGROUND.

Next comes the common school period of realization, of impressions and associations which memory never effaces.

Then the high school period, during which the body matures, useful arts are, or should be, taught and from which dates life's active career for many young men and women, while others aspiring to professional attainments, pursue higher educational advantages; and so we continue on through the busy work-life into declining years.

Unquestionably, this journey could be made much easier and better through a wiser discharge of the functions of municipal government. What if our educational facilities are good? Can they not be extended and improved and made more useful? How about advantages of learning for boys and girls, for men and women, with respect to manual training and the applied arts and sciences? Progressive measures for broad PUBLIC EDUCATION could with advantage comprehend facilities for communication and public gatherings as well as schools, practical museums as well as libraries, gymnasiums, parks and playgrounds, athletic sports and healthful pastimes of all kinds for


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