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General Information

When to Enroll

Students may enroll for a full or special course on any school day of the year, without disadvantage to themselves or to others. Each student enters upon a separate term, counting the time from the first day of attendance. Persons desiring to attend should call at the College, or write to the Principal before the day of entering, so that they may begin their studies without delay or confusion.



Parents, former students, and all others interested in school work are cordially invited to visit us at any time. We have no special visitors' day.


Rules and Regulations

Students are received and treated as ladies and gentlemen, and they are expected to be courteous to the teachers and to one another. Our rules and regulations are similar to those found in every well conducted school, and students who will not comply cheerfully and willingly with them are not wanted.



We believe that promptness is one of the prime qualifications for business. We insist on all students being punctual, not only in arriving at school, but in all their duties during the session. A satisfactory written excuse is required for each time tardy or absent. Students who are habitually tardy or irregular in attendance seldom accomplish much, and we do not hold ourselves responsible for their progress.



Complete, permanent records are kept of each student's attendance, progress, examinations, and conduct, and we shall be pleased to furnish this information concerning any present or former student to parents, prospective employer, or other persons directly interested.



Monthly reports showing the attendance, progress, and conduct of each student under twenty-one years of age are mailed to parents or guardians.





List of Students

For School Year Ending June 30, 1908

Day School

Adams, Bertha, South Bethlehem
Abbott, Augusta L., South Bethlehem
Buchecker, William D., Centre Valley
Best, Wilbert C., Bethlehem
Best Floyd R., Bethlehem
Bolla, Roque J., Corrientes, Argentine Republic, S.A.
Byrne, Peter W., South Bethlehem
Bedford, Harry C., Quakertown
Bachman, Roland A., Freemansburg
Bilger, Robert E., Richland Centre
Bauder, Mertie E., South Bethlehem
Butz, Warren E., Rittersville
Buss, Harry L., Hellertown
Baker, John P., East Bangor
Connell, Mary M., South Bethlehem
Couch, Alice B., Pen Argyl
Chemberlin, Jennie, Bethlehem
Cawley, Walter, Springtown
Cann, Pearl L., Pen Argyl
Dimmick, William H., Hellertown
Dewalt, Harry H., Butztown
Drake, Carrie, Bethlehem
Dankel, George, Chapman Quarries
Dwyer, Nellie, South Bethlehem
Dwyer, Nellie T., South Bethlehem
Dwyer, John A., South Bethlehem
Ettwein, Nellie M., Noxen
Fritz, Henry A., Chapman Quarries
Frey, Jenny S., Richland Centre
Freedman, Fannie, South Bethlehem
Gruver, Merritt L., Seidersville
George, Joe H., Chapman Quarries
George, Elsie Q., Nazareth
George, Albert R., Sellersville
Geisinger, Alice M., Centre Valley
Gerlach, Emma M., Bethlehem
Goerlich, Bessie M., Bethlehem
Godshalk, Elwood, Pen Argyl
Heft, Ada M., Springtown
Hess, Jacob, Johnsonville
Heitz, Mabel M., Quakertown
Hess, Thomas J., Bethlehem
Hermany, Ellen S., Bethlehem
Hellick, Arthur H., Nazareth
Heffelfinger, Richard, Bethlehem
Hoere, Helena P., Bethlehem
Hassen, James, Friedensville
Hess, Cora M., Springtown
Hess, Addie, Hellertown
Hess, Charles, Bethlehem


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