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The Bethlehem Times – August 8, 1925



This Gift, the Building on West Market Street. Known as the Bethlehem Steel Band Hall, to be Used for Library Purposes
Gratuity Enthusiastically and Unanimously Accepted by Library Board of Trustees.

Yesterday was a Red Letter Day in the history of the Bethlehem Public Library. At a special meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Library, Mayor Yeakle brought the good news that through E.G. Grace, President of the Bethlehem Steel Company, the Bethlehem Steel Company offered to the city, for the Public Library as a gift, the building on West Market street, known as the Bethlehem Steel Band Hall. Needless to say the gift was enthustiastically and unanimously accepted by the members of the Board and the following resolution was ordered sent to Mr. Grace:

Resolution of Appreciation.

Whereas, the Bethlehem Steel Company through its president, Eugene Grace, has offered to the Directors of the Bethlehem Public Library, as a gift to the citizens of Bethlehem for Library purposes, the property on West Market Street, known as the Bethlehem Steel Band Hall.

Therefore, be it Resolved, That the Directors of the Bethlehem Public Library, in virtue of the authority in them vested accept, in behalf of the citizens of Bethlehem, the generous offer of the Bethlehem Steel Company, presenting the Bethlehem Steel Band Hall to the City for Library purposes;

And be it Further Resolved, That the Directors of the Bethlehem Public Library herewith voice their sincere appreciation of the action of the Bethlehem Steel Company as public spirited and highly commendable inasmuch as the commodious building admirably located on historic ground in the heart of the City will greatly increase the power of the Public Library to minister to the public good, and therefore, deeply grateful for the magnanimous offer, express to the Bethlehem Steel Company, in behalf of the citizens of Bethlehem, their most hearty thanks for this munificent gift to the City.

Resolution presented by James M. Yeakle, Mayor of Bethlehem. Adopted by the Directors of the Bethlehem Public Library, this 7th day of August 1925.

W.N. Schwarze. President.
Attest: Elizabeth L. Bourlier, Secretary.

A Splendid Gift.

Only one event in the twenty-four years of the Library's history can compare in importance with this gift, and that is the vote of the people of Bethlehem last November to support the library adequately. It is this support of the Library Board to by the citizens of Bethlehem which has made it possible to accept this splendid gift.

For more than twenty years the Library has been housed on the second floor of the business building at the corner of Main and Market Street and as the use of the Library has grown the available space has become very inadequate and overcrowded. The long, dark flight of stairs has kept away many people who otherwise would have made use of the advantages which the Library offers.

With the gift of this building, which can be readily adapted to library purposes, Bethlehem will have a Library of which it can be justly proud. The building is centrally located and easily accessible from all parts of the city, while the New Street car line runs near enough to be a convenience without being a disturbance.

Will Help South Side Project.

This gift of a central building for the Library may make it possible to provide a permanent home for the South Side Branch at a much earlier date than would be possible otherwise, and to expand the work of the library in general.

The Library staff is delighted at the prospect of moving into spacious quarters, while the new Children's Librarian is enthusiastically visualizing space for the children which will provide adequate story-telling facilities and up-to-date appointments in keeping with a modern children's library.

The building will be available after the series of Summer Concerts by the Bethlehem Steel Band are over. These concerts have been a great contribution to the pleasure of the citizens of Bethlehem.

The members of the Board of Trustees of the Library present at yesterdays's meeting at which the valuable gift to the city was received were Rev. Dr. W.N. Schwarze, president, Mrs. Arthur West, Mrs. W.S. Bourlier, Mrs. Catharine Bowman, Rev. John P. Greene and Mayor James M. Yeakle, with Miss Root, Librarian.


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