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Robert S. Rathbun


Engineer and contractor, was born at Rathbun, Elk County, Pa., September 6, 1869, a son of the late George W. and Rebecca (nee Swenk) Rathbun.

He attended the public schools of Allentown, and was graduated as a civil engineer at Lehigh University in 1892. After leaving College he was employed as an engineer on construction by the Norfolk and Western Railroad in Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky; later by the Erie Railroad in Pennsylvania, and in 1894 was elected City Engineer of Allentown, which office he filled for three years. From 1897 until 1906 he practised his profession, and since then has been engaged in general contracting work, most of his operations being in the Bethlehems, where he has permanently established his business. He is a member of the Masonic Fraternity, the Elks, the University Club of the Bethlehems, and Manufacturers’ Club of Philadelphia. In 1898 Mr. Rathbun married Lillie L., a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Biery, of Allentown, Pa. They have four children: Sarah B., George R., Miriam R., and Edward B., and reside at the Rathbun Farm, located on the Little Lehigh Creek, in Salisbury Township, Lehigh County.



George W. Reigel


Furniture merchant, was born in 1864 in Washington, N.J., a son of Aaron and Mary (nee Skinner) Riegel. He was educated in the public schools of Washington, and as a young man came to Bethlehem to enter the employ of Riegel and Cortright in a clerkship capacity. In 1893 Mr. Riegel became the owner of his first business, locating a furniture store at Main Street, Bethlehem is fair and square business methods at once brought him success, and because of increased business, in 1905 he built the handsome structure at Nos. 41-43 E. Broad Street, where the George W. Riegel furniture house is located to the present day. His store is one of the largest and most modern of its kind in the city. Mr. Riegel takes a keen interest in all civic matters and is truly a community booster. In 1899 he married Ida Herman, daughter of former sheriff and postmaster George F. Herman, of Bethlehem. His home address No. 343 E. Broad Street.


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