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H.A. Foering


President of the Bethlehem Trust Company and leading Real-Estate Operator, began his career as an instructor at the old Ulrich Preparatory School, after being graduated from Lehigh University with the Class of 1890. He was born in Lehigh County, Pa.

The school where he began his career, he eventually became owner of and later the name was changed to that of Bethlehem Preparatory School. Mr. Foering assumed charge in 1897 and under his expert guidance and management, the school has become one of the leading institutions of its kind in the east. In 1915 Mr. Foering resigned as the active head of the school to devote his entire time to his banking activities and the operation of the firm of Foering & Heller, one of the largest real-estate operating concerns in the Lehigh Valley. It was mainly through Mr. Foering’s efforts that the handsome Bethlehem Trust Company building at the corner of Broad and Main Streets was erected. Mr. Foering is President and Director of the Bethlehem Trust Company. He takes an active interest in all civic, educational and religious affairs of the community, and was a hard worker in the recent campaigns. He is a member of the Bethlehem Club, Lehigh Country Club, F. & A. M., and others.



Harold Bogert Farquhar


Vice-president and editor of the Bethlehem Globe Publishing Company, publishers of “The Globe,” was born at Easton, Pa., July 16, 1879, and at the age of 38 is one of the youngest editors in the Lehigh Valley. He gained his newspaper knowledge partly through 20 years of service with the Bethlehem Times and his connections as local city correspondent of metropolitan papers. Immediately after graduating from the Bethlehem High School he entered the newspaper game, rapidly passing through the mechanical end of the business, into the editorial room. He was made editor of “The Globe” on March 12, 1917.

On November 3, 1908, Mr. Farquhar married Miss Esther Greene, daugh­ter of Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Greene, of Philadelphia. Mr. Farquhar is a member of the Bethlehem Club, South Bethlehem Lodge of Elks, Royal Arcanum, Bethlehem Boating Association, besides being a director of the Keystone Home Association of the Keystone Lodge of Odd Fellows. He is also a Past Grand of that lodge and a past chief patriarch of Star Encampment, Odd Fellows. He is also secretary and a director of the Bethlehem Rotary Club, Mr. Farquhar’s father, the late Thomas McKeen Farquhar, was for many years superintendent of the Bethlehem Public Schools.


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