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Vice-president of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, Bethlehem Steel Company and Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation, Ltd., was born in 1882, and is one of the youngest officers of this giant industrial concern. Mr. Lewis has always taken a keen and loving interest in the community and has found time, not­withstanding his many business activities, to lend a willing hand in everything that tends to its development. Through his efforts the steel company athletic teams have established a reputation equally as great as the establishment has won in the industrial world. He is a director of the new Chamber of Commerce. He married Lottie May Ruch and is the father of two children. Mr. Lewis, in February, was chairman of the Executive Committee which handled the Knights of Columbus War Campaign Fund and it was mainly through his energy and ability that Bethlehem again went over the top," realizing $46,000.

“The Bethlehem Times in its Men of Affairs recently paid Mr. Lewis this deserving tribute:”

While Mr. Lewis is a soccer enthusiast and has given us a championship team, he takes equally as great interest in the Bethlehem Steel Corporation Baseball League, of which he is the president. The games must be on the square. ‘We want rivalry, but it must be friendly and the rules of the league must be enforced.” That’s President Lewis talking. Recently Wilmington played two men against Lebanon who were ineligible, so he threw the game out.

Possessed of a genial disposition he has a great host of friends. Mr. Lewis for years, prior to assuming his present position, was in charge of the cost department of the company, in which capacity he showed rare executive ability. His name is synonymous with doing things for others.

It was through his efforts that the splendid athletic field and gymnasium, on the North Side, known as B.S. Co. Athletic Field, was opened.

He takes an active interest in all civic affairs and gets considerable recreation out of golfing. Although one of the game’s youngest devotees in this section he has shown himself very proficient. The same can be said of his soccer playing, and at the American game of football, too, he was a star in his day, having been quarterback for the Duquesne A.C.

Mr. Lewis is one of the most valuable men the Bethlehem Steel Company has. He is an indefatigable worker who keeps his finger on all departments of our mammoth industry.

He is a man whose integrity and sense of fairness are unquestioned. The same spirit which he has inculcated in the athletic teams, he also shows in his business relations. He is very approachable, and is held in the highest esteem by all who know him.

When he renders a decision in any matter its fairness is never questioned. While inherently a modest man, yet he has put in the public eye everything which he directs, whether athletics or Bethlehem Steel. We are sure that Mr. Schwab’s prediction that he will reach the top-notch in industry will be fully realized.”



H.E. Lewis


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