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Who is a prominent banker and manufacturer, was born May 1, 1859, in Bethlehem, Pa.

He is president of E.P. Wilbur Trust Company, of South Bethlehem, and of First National Bank, of Sayre, Pa., and a director of Lehigh Valley National Bank, of Bethlehem.

He has many and important connections with manufacturing and industrial enterprises, being president of Bethlehem Foundry and Machine Company, Jefferson Coal Company, Wilbur Coal and Coke Company, Valley Coal and Coke Company, Sayre Land Company, and Sayre Water Company; also director of Western Maryland Railway Company, Lehigh Valley Transit Company, Empire Steel and Iron Company, Guerber Engineering Company, Lehigh Car Wheel and Axle Works, Bethlehem Globe Publishing Company and others.

He is a trustee of Lehigh University and of the Estate of Asa Packer, vice-President and treasurer of St. Luke’s Hospital, warden and treasurer of The Church of the Nativity, and treasurer of other organizations of the Episcopal Church; also was treasurer of the borough of South Bethlehem, Associated Charities of the Bethlehems, Children’s Home, Free Libraries Association.

He is a member of many clubs—Northampton, Bethlehem, Lehigh Country, Northampton County Country, Philadelphia, Manufacturers’ (Phila.), Thousand Islands, New York, Yacht, Buffalo, and others.

Mr. Wilbur was twice married — first to a daughter of the late Dr. G.B. Linderman, and several years after her decease to Miss Kate Brodhead, daughter of the late Charles Brodhead. He has one son from the first union, Robert E. Wilbur, who is president of the So. Side Business Association of Bethlehem, and is officially and actively connected with many of the leading local enterprises.

Mr. Wilbur is always and ever in the front rank of those who endeavor to do things for the betterment of civic conditions. Governor Brumbaugh recognized this by appointing him as a member of the local branch of the Committee of Public Safety, of which he has been president since its organization. His foresight and effort was shown in the development of the local Home Defense organization, which is now equipped and in training to care for emergencies which war conditions may at any time present.



Warren A. Wilbur


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