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T.D. Fritch & Sons flour mill


In crossing the canal bridge, at the foot of Main Street, the first object to strike the eye is the flour mill of T.D. Fritch & Sons. The main mill which consists of a large, rectangular, three and one-half story, frame building, was erected in 1886 by D.D. Fritch & Co. and was equipped with the most improved, modern, milling machinery of the “Long” type to grind wheat and rye into flour.

Shortly after the mill was put into operation, the demand for flour increased to such an extent that it became necessary to build an addition to the mill and enlarge its capacity from time to time; thereby, making it one of the best equipped mills in this section of the State. The policy of the firm, which has always been to keep abreast with the times, led in 1908 to the installing of the latest modern machinery, and in the following year to the modern concrete intake and mill-race, and also to the erection of an office building in which a large, fire-proof vault was installed.

In 1911 a large storage yard was built, and the firm branched out into the coal business, under the name of the Lehigh Coal Co. Employment is constantly given to twenty-five people who are employed in and about the mill. The daily output averages two hundred and fifty barrels. The grain used is secured from the surrounding territory and also from the Dakotas and Minnesota.

The firm has purchasing agents scattered about who secure and send in the best grain, and this, after being ground into flour, goes to the immediate vicinity and to their representatives in the large cities. Direct shipments are also made to Europe. Through their enterprise, zeal and business tact, their trade continued to grow, and the firm was compelled to make additions to the mill and enlarge its capacity from time to time. The mill is operated uninterruptedly every working day of the year, and it is often taxed to its utmost capacity to supply the demand.

The names of three leading brands of flour, manufactured by this concern, are household words in many of the homes of eastern Pennsylvania. These brands are: FRITCH’S BEST, DIAMOND BB FANCY and bakers’ Spring patent flour called MONARCH. Besides these brands of flour the mill produces corresponding quantities of feed and bran. The wheat and rye flours have a large and ready sale, both in Bethlehem and in this section of the State.



The Fritch family is about as well known in the milling business all over the country as the most influential men in it, for the reason that they have been identified so long with milling interests. Their great, great, grandfather was a miller, so was his son, so was their grandfather and father; and of this generation, the four brothers are all millers, and the original mill of the Fritch family still stands to-day in Berks County, in the vicinity of Reading.

In 1886 D.D. Fritch, T.D. Fritch, N.D. Fritch, and G.F. Egner, under the name of D.D. Fritch & Co., began their milling operations at the place before described. T.D Fritch, in 1895, purchased the share of his two brothers, and the firm was then known as Fritch & Egner. In 1904 T.D. Fritch secured the interests of G.E. Egner, and the mill became T.D. Fritch & Sons, under which name it is operated at the present time. Three years later the sons purchased the father’s interests. The present firm consists of F. Nathan Fritch, Walter M. Fritch, Harry J. Fritch, and V.J. Bauer. The first two of the aforementioned look after the outside interests, and the other two take care of the mill and office.



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