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Steelworker hung in effigy from flagpole


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Uncle Sam


Pledge signed by President E. G. Grace for all the
Companies of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation

For myself, my Corporation or my firm, I pledge the prompt production and delivery of the largest possible quantity of material in our departments that is or shall be required by the United States Government for the necessities of itself and its Allies, and agree that all other lines of our business shall be subordinated to this pledge, and all this in accordance with the request of the War Industries Board.


Pledge signed by Officials, Managers, Superintendents
and Foremen

Realizing that the Bethlehem Steel Company is an asset, of national importance, in the great crisis that now confronts our nation, and having been advised that the General Management has pledged the full operation of all its plants and departments to the supplying of war necessities to the United States and her Allies, I, ____________________________________, employed as ______________________________ at the ____________________ plant, hereby pledge my best endeavors to America and the Company, believing it to be my patriotic duty to do everything possible to assist in an increased, prompt production of the war materials that have been, and may be, asked for by the Government. Not only will I pledge to perform my individual tasks to the best of my ability to the end that the United States and her Allies may be the victors in this great struggle for Liberty and Humanity, but I will also urge my fellow workmen to render patriotic and loyal service to the United States Government through their daily work in the employ of the Company.


Attested to _________________________________________, President



Inasmuch as our Company is willing to co-operate with the United States Government, as stated above, and as our officials, managers, superintendents, and foremen are willing to pledge their best endeavors to the Country and the Company, we, as employees, must stand back of them with every ounce of strength and loyalty at our command, with but one object in mindthe winning of the war — nothing else counts now.


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