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The Foremen's Get-Together Meeting, at Sparrow's Point will be held some time during the week of May 20th, and will probably be held in Baltimore proper rather than at Sparrow's Point, as it is more convenient for a greater percentage of the men. This meeting will probably be attended by steel men and shipbuilders alike and the bond between these two divisions will be closer as a result of it.



June 7th will be the date of the next Foremen's meeting and, as usual, it will be held in the High School Auditorium. A prominent speaker from Philadelphia, of national reputation, will make the principal address, and the usual features of a band concert, yells and the singing of patriotic songs will be on the program.

Mark Your Calender.



America is made up of 100,000,000 units of individual men and women. It has been well said that God does not know America as America, except as He knows you and me and every individual who in the aggregate comprise America.

You are America to the extent of your individuality. Your responsibility in this world crisis is exactly the same as that of America as a whole.

America must put forth every ounce of its strength to save itself, but America will fail to do this to the extent that any single individual fails to do his or her full duty.

Viewed from this angle, are you truly an American or are you merely a hanger-on, shouting perhaps with the crowd, but doing no real effective service in this, the greatest crisis since man's creation?

Go deep down into your soul before you make answer to yourself, to your country and to your God to these questions:

What am I personally doing to uphold the Government, to equip and sustain our soldiers and to lighten their burdens?

What sacrifice am I making to match the sacrifice of the soldiers who gave up home and endure untold hardships and offer their lives to protect me?

What am I doing to increase the output of the things needed for war or to sustain the nation in its stupendous task?

Am I seeking personal gain of higher wages, or shorter hours, or larger profits merely for my own individual selfish interest?

Am I consecrating every ounce of my strength, every power of my being toward arousing the nation, toward quickening latent patriotism into a living flame, toward increasing food production, or lessening food consumption and waste, or toward the building of ships, the increased output of steel and iron and coal and chemicals and machinery, the expansion and at the same time the conservation of transportation facilities by rail, water and highway?

Am I adjusting my family expenses by cutting out every unnecessary thing that the money thus saved may be dedicated to the nation's use through Liberty Bonds, Red Cross, or Y.M.C.A. work, or religious activities?

Am I merely a casual looker-on, an unthinking beast, with no realization of my individual responsibility to God and man, or am I consecrating all that is in me, all my powers of mind and body, to this great task, the most momentous to which mankind has ever been called?

Am I a shirker, a slacker, a physical, mental or a financial coward, or am I a man or a woman into whom God has really breathed the breath of life in its largest and divinest sense?



Oscar — "Why have we fortifications on the western coast?"

Clarence — "For Pacific reasons."


A man at work is worth two in the hospital.


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At the request of a number of employees we are printing herewith the department symbols of all the Bethlehem plants. See if you can commit them all to memory:



AA — General Offices.
AS — Safety Department.
ASL — Labor and Safety.
AP — Boilers.
AD — Storehouse.
AH — Trucks.
ATC — Crabs.
ATN — Narrow Gauge.
AG — Gas Engines.
ATR — Railroad Repairs.
AL — Laboratories.
CSG — Erecting Gang.
CSE — Bricklayers.
CSM — Mechanical Repairs.
CSB — Boiler Shop.
CSF — Pipe Fitters.
CSR — No. 1 Open Hearth Repairs.
CSP — Pattern Shop.
CSS — Saw Shop.
RR — P.B. and N.E.R.R.
CLF — Farm Division.
CLS — South Division.
CLD — Dump Division.
MA — Chapman's Quarries.
DB — Cartridge Case.
DC — No. 6 Machine Shop.
DG — Iron Foundry.
DI — Brass Foundry.
DK — Steel Foundry.
HE — No. 5 Shop.
DY — No. 4 Smith Shop.
DS — Hammer Forge.
DTA — General Treatment and Annealing.
DTB — Annealing.
DTC — High Tempering.
DTD — Tempering Plant No. 1.
DTE — Tempering Plant No. 4.
DTH — Machine Sections.
DTL — Tempering Plant No. 6.
DTX — No. 1 Annex.
DP — Presses.
DW — Forge General and Die Department.
DW — Forge — Drop Forge.
DWM — Machine — Drop Forge.
DWT — Treatment — Drop Forge.
DU — No. 4 Machine Shop.
DDF — Forge — No. 2 Ammunition Plant.
DDM — Machine — No. 2 Ammunition Plant.
DDT — Treatment— No. 2 Ammunition Plant.
DDR — No. 9 Machine Shop.
HA — Gun Shop.
HD — No. 2 Projectile.
HDF — Forge — No. 2 Projectile.
HDM — Machine — No. 2 Projectile.
HDT — Treatment — No. 2 Projectile.
DXA — Assembling — No. 1 Projectile.
DXF — Forge — No. 1 Projectile.
DXM — Machine — No. 1 Projectile.
DXT — Treatment — No. 1 Projectile.
HC — No. 5 Machine Shop.
DM — No. 2 Machine Shop.
DMB — Ingot Boring Mill — No. 2 Mch. Shop.
DA — Armor Plate.
DO — Open Hearth No. 1.
DV — Open Hearth No. 3.
DF — Blast Furnaces.
DE — Merchant Mills.
DHC — Crucible Melting.
DHH — Crucible Hammer Shop.
DR — Mill No. 1.
DKE — Foundry Electric.
DHE — Electric Furnace.



SA — General Office.
SS-1 — Blacksmith Shop.
SS-2 — Carpenter Shop.
SS-3 — Rigger.
SS-4 — Boiler House.
SS-5 — Roll Shop.
SS-6 — Bricklayers.
SS-7 — Electrical.
SS-8 — Pipe Shop.
SS-9 — Machine Shop.
SO — Open Hearth.
SL — Labor. 
SF — Bridge Shop.
SM-1 — Rail Mill.
SM-2 — Rail Mill.
SM-3 — Rail Mill.
SM-4 — Blooming Mill.
SM-5 — 18-inch Mill.
SM-6 — Shipping Yard.



KAA — Superintendent and General Office.
KAB — Engineering and Drafting.
KAC — Safety.
KAD — Laboratory.
KBA — Accounting.
KBB — General Stores.
KBC — Trucks.
KDA — Steam.
KDB — Water.
KDC — Light.
KFA — General Mechanical.
KFB — Blacksmith Shop.
KFC — Carpenter Shop.
KFD — Machine Shop.
KFE — Electrical.
KFF — General Labor.
KFG — Bricklayers and Helpers.
KGA — Coal Handling.
KGB — Coal Conveying and Crushing.
KGC — Oven Section.
KHA — Coolers and Exhauster House.
KHB — Tar Pump House.
KHC — Saturator House.
KHD — Benzol Plant.
KHE — Surplus Fuel Gas.



DJ — Fuze Plant (Men).
DJ — Fuze Plant (Women).
DJL — No. 1 and No. 2 Loading.
DJP — Proving Ground.
DJR — Restaurant.



"Hands Off" sometimes means "fingers on."


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