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Coke Works accident


James Murray, colored, employed at the Coke Works, Northampton Plant, was the man who met the horrible fatal accident pictured above. Carelessness personified is the only way to describe what this man did. He fooled the foreman, perhaps, by slipping away for a little snooze in what looked to be a cozy spot. He wasn't missed for the few minutes that he was off the job — he is missed now by his bosses, by his fellow-workmen, by lets friends and by those to whom he was near and dear.

The hot coke was dumped in front of the archway and Murray had to do one of two things — remain where he was and be suffocated or crawl out over the hot coke. He decided on the latter course and was burned to death. No chance to carry his accident report to the dispensary, but taken there on a stretcher and in an ambulance.

Murray is not the only man who has slept on the job, but his accident is one of the fatals that seem to be necessary to teach a lesson so that hundreds, perhaps thousands, may be saved a similar fate. It makes one think as he looks at these pictures, and every employee should profit by James Murray's costly experience and consider it his personal duty to warn all workmen indulging in this dangerous practice of "Sleeping on the Job."



Livery man should see to it that the American flags that wave about our shops are in good condition. When they become soiled or torn, new ones should be procured. Remember it is the grand old flag, not the grand old rag.

Thou shalt guard thyself with all diligence; this is the first and greatest commandment of Safety First. The second is like unto it, Thou shalt guard thy neighbor as thyself.


Remember the new man coming into the plant is not familiar with all the dangers around him. Help teach him.


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Bureau of Labor and Safety
Bethlehem Steel Company, Bethlehem, Pa.


Editorial Staff


Associate editors will be appointed, representative of various districts of the plants.

Published by Feister-Owen Press, 6th & Columbia Ave. Phila.



On the back cover of this "Bulletin" is a reproduction of two pledges. Read them carefully and then decide if your sentiments are expressed in the few words at the bottom of the page under the heading, "Our Duty." Either you are in accord with what has been done or else you are against it. You cannot be neutral.

The pledge which the officials, managers, superintendents and foremen will sign will be kept on file in the Main Office and a handsomely engraved copy, attested to by President E. G. Grace will be presented to each man who signs. These latter copies may be framed and hung in the offices or in the home. They will be worth while keeping. Colonel Evans has asked for one as a reminder of his trip to Bethlehem.



Did you send in your suggestion for a name for this "Bulletin?" If you have not done so and want a try at that twenty-five dollars' worth of saving stamps, you will have to hurry, as the contest closes at noon on Saturday, May 18th. To date, about seventy-five letters have reached the editor, but in some there were as many as twenty-five suggestions. There is no limit to the number of names you may suggest, so get your brain real busy. We wish we could tell you now some of the very excellent suggestions that have been made, but that would not be fair. Most of contestants tell us where to send the twenty-five dollars' worth of stamps and ask us to hurry them along. Now, everybody cannot win and the judges will have no easy task. We know one name that has been suggested by so many folks that if it is the name finally agreed upon the winners will receive about one-half a stamp apiece.



If you do not pass by No. 4 Shop on your way to and from work or if your labors do not take you to that part of the plant, slip up to the Main Gate at the Lehigh Plant and have one good look at the sign now hanging on the south side of No. 4. It is a painting of a great green serpent with a German helmet resting on its head and an inscription, "Stamp It Out." Fine sentiment, but it requires united stamping and we all must get busy with both feet. Might as well put some hob-nails in our shoes so our stamps will be more effective and if you will pardon a pun, we might suggest that War Stamps would help quite a bit. There are lots of people who have a horror of snakes and run from them, but here's a snake that you must stand and fight, and if you do not kill it it will kill you. Will you do your share?



Just recently opened to male employees of the plant and operated on a co-operative plan. Nicely furnished and looked after by a competent matron.

For full particulars apply at Employment Office of Bureau of Labor and Safety.


To win success, your first rule in life should be "Get busy!" and your second rule "Keep busy!"


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