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New Merchant Mills team

All of the departments of the various steel plants of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation are now preparing for the next Annual Field Day and First Aid Meet which will be held during the month of August. Preliminary First Aid Meets will be held at Steelton and Sparrows Point, with the final contest staged at Bethlehem on Saturday, August 31st. A great deal of enthusiasm is being shown at the different plants, and it is general talk that this year the first prize will not be held by any department of the Bethlehem plants. As a result of these rumors the keenest kind of competition is to be expected, and based on the performance of the teams last year it is going to take a 100 per cent. score to win. The illustration shown above represents the New Merchant Mills Team, which made a remarkable record in the meet last year, defeating a field of 135 teams representing all of the steel plants in the corporation. The performance of this team was registered at 100 per cent., and it was the only team to go through the preliminaries and finals with a perfect score. The reward for their effort was a trip to one of the games of the World's Series, theater party and numerous side shows as found along the great white way of New York. The New Merchant Mills also holds the first Aid Trophy until the next Annual First Aid Meet, at which time they will have to defend their possession or lose the trophy to some other department.



The foundations were laid by Ignorance, the bricks were cemented with blood by Carelessness, the supports were installed by Recklessness, and the decorations by Thoughtlessness. Do you live in this house?


"Dad, don't take a chance."


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Bureau of Labor and Safety
Bethlehem Steel Company, Bethlehem, Pa.


Editorial Staff


Associate editors will be appointed, representative of various districts of the plants.

Published by Feister-Owen Press, 6th & Columbia Ave. Phila.

 Editor-in-chief J.E. Gheen

This photo is a likeness of the editor-in-chief, J. E. Gheen. The full name (he’s on the wagon) is James Everhart Gheen, hence the familiar "Jim" or "Jimmy" or "Harry" that generally greets him. He comes to his new work from the Order Department, where he had charge of the structural and plate division. Having been a former newspaper man, he knows something about digging up news, writing copy and using the shears and paste pot.

For the present his office will be in the Safety and Welfare Building, near the main gate of the Lehigh Plant. Rather an odd place to edit a paper — in a hospital. But when "Jimmy" was shown his quarters, he said, "I've heard of editors being sent to the hospital, but not before they insulted some one. Give me a chance." When told that Dr. Shoudy was in the office above him, our editor laughed and remarked, "Well, I've got a good man over me, but he is upstairs, and that is another story.''



We want a name for this bulletin, something catchy and attractive and original. Until we secure such a name, our paper will bear the title "Bethlehem Steel," but we think it should be called "The Bethlehem _____.” What word shall be used to express as far as possible all the ideas that we are endeavoring to include in the publication, as well as being significant of the company and perhaps its products of manufacture?

We have had several suggestions, and have had a few thoughts ourselves on the subject, but it is your paper, men and women of the Bethlehem Steel Company, so it shall be your duty to choose for it a name.

Send your suggestions to the Editor, and a committee consisting of Mr. H. E. Lewis, Mr. Quince Bent and Mr. R. A. Lewis will decide which one shall be used. To this committee will be given only the suggested names, and not the names of the employees making the suggestions.

As an extra inducement for helping to secure a name for our new baby, a prize of $25 worth of War Savings Stamps will be given. If two or more persons select the lucky name, the prize will be equally divided. Only employees of the Bethlehem Steel Company, Bethlehem plants, are eligible to compete in this contest. Get busy, as all suggestions must be in the hands of the Editor by Saturday, May 18th. The new name will be used on the June 1st issue, and the name of the winner announced at the same time.


Knock the persimmons — but nothing else.


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