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Bethlehem Steel 'Booster' masthead and cartoon


Speed was the factor to be considered in preparing this, our first issue of a works' bulletin. It was only nine days ago, Tuesday, April the twenty-third that the first article was written and negotiations opened for having 34,000 copies printed and ready for distribution by today, May the scond. All the photographs were secured, all the halftones made and all the copy (as the printed matter is called) was prepared by Thursday, April twenty-fifth. Midnight oil was burned and some tall hustling was done in order ot accomplish what we take pleasure in presenting to you. We will make no apologies, trusting that none are necessary and hope that our efforts are appreciated.

Already work has begun on issue number two, which will be distributed on May fifteenth. Several new features will be introduced, particularly the idea of complementary persons and more information about individuals and plant news, also records and items of general local information. WE think we know the kind of reading matter you would like to see in your paper and it will be our earnest endeavor to print only that kind. THe cartoons will be the ideas of the artists in our own plant, who are familiar with the history and atmosphere of the Bethlehem Steel Company. Knowing as we do, that there is much undeveloped talent in this line among the men, part our time will be devoted to locating these persons who have the ability to express themselves by drawing pictures.

We want to impress on every reader of this paper that it is being published for the employees and is their paper. To make it a hug success, cooperation is needed and a spirit of interest and boosting must be manifested. Take the paper home with you, read it, have your family read it, think about what you have read and be on the lookout for each succeeding issue. Twice a month the bulletin will be published. Hope you like it.


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The German military system is a cancer that threatens the life of civilization all over the world.

It has already eaten up the resources and destroyed the health of Germany, France and Russia, has paralyzed Austria, Romania and Bulgaria, has almost killed Belgium, has spread its deadly tissue into England and Italy, and for some time has been working its poisoned growth into the United States of America.

War is no more pleasant than a surgical operation, but when an operation is necessary, when an operation will save life, restore health and continue usefulness, the operation is a blessing.

We are not at war because we want to be, but because we have to be. This war is the operation that will cut the cancer out of civilization and leave the world prepared to live a healthy, happy, useful life once more.

We have to pay for war. The Liberty Bonds of the United States Government provide the money. Better buy them now, better help the Government pay for the operation than let the disease go on and end in a funeral. The money you put into Liberty Bonds is not given away, not lost, not endangered in any manner. You will get it back, with interest every six months at 4 1/4 per cent. per year; you can sell your bond or borrow money on it. You are not paying for the war, but simply lending money to your Government so that it can pay the bills, get the soldiers on the line, feed them, clothe them and provide for their needs and cares.Winning the war is the only cure for the military disease that threatens every person in the world today. The Third Liberty Loan Drive ends Saturday, May 4th. Be sure you have yours and the Hun gets his.



The Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce has decided to have a War Chest Fund Campaign, and the Bethlehem Steel Company will play an important part in that drive. The idea, which has been tried successfully in many other cities, is to raise at one time sufficient funds to provide for all the war activities that call on the public for aid, for the period of the war. Instead of having separate campaigns for Red Cross, Y. M. C. A., Knights of Columbus, etc., one big affair is conducted, and each citizen enlists (the same as the boys in the army and navy) for as long as the war lasts. This enlistment means the pledging of a certain amount to be given each month to help fill the chest. One city in New York State of 25,000 inhabitants raised an annual income of three hundred and fifty thousand dollars -$350,000.00. Bethlehem, with a population of 60,000, should raise $840,000.00, at the same rate per capita. The amount to be raised is a detail which the committee will decide.

Each person is expected to give as much as he possibly can, and arrangements will most likely be made to have the payments deducted from the salaries and wages of the employees, if they so desire. The campaign will be a whirl-wind affair, full of patriotism and pep, and if an intensive drive is made by departments of the Bethlehem plants it will be something long to be remembered. Start to boost for it, now. It is a fine project.


Would your war bread taste the sweeter,
Would the struggle seem less grim
With your boy across the water,
    If you could be helping him?
Would you like to swat the Kaiser?
    Bring the vandal to his knees?
Oh, the answer is so simple:
    Just buy bonds. How many, please?
– S. John Bird.


We must give and sweat, in order to live and get.


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