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Bethlehem Area Public Library

Borrowing Information

Identification Required for a Resident Bethlehem Area Public Library Card

Column 1

One from this column is
sufficient - these show who you
are and where you live

Column 2

One from this column PLUS
one from Column 3 is required
- these show who you are

Column 3

One from this column PLUS
one from column 2 is required
- these show where you live

• Valid PA driver’s license with
  current address

• Valid PA non-driver’s photo ID
  with current address

• Driver’s license with old
  address (photo)

• Passport

• Military ID with photo

• School photo ID

• Employment photo ID

• U.S. Permanent Resident
  Card (“Green Card”) with

• Any other official photo

• Current tax statement
  addressed to applicant with
  current address

• Current lease agreement
  addressed to applicant

• Current utility bill or bank
  statement addressed to

• Current vehicle registration
  or auto insurance card with
  applicant’s name

• Current voter registration

• Current school report card or    class schedule

• Current school bus card

• Current YMCA or other club
  card with address

• Current pay stub


Property owners must provide property tax documentation plus above resident ID information.

Access Library Card – Current Pennsylvania library card with access sticker, plus photo ID

Lost or Forgotten Library Card Adults must have photo ID; age 17 & under must state pertinent information from their patron record. Pennsylvania driver’s license may be used as alternative ID once your PDL number is on record.

Replacement of Lost Card.....$3.00

Note: Fines are charged on days when the library is closed due to the availability of the book drops.

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